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Crompton Controls Installation Manuals & Data Sheets

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CC Series 3000 General Manual 04.11.10

DOL Starter Crompton

Star-Delta Crompton (1)

How to Code a Standard Starter

CC S3000 - Component Manual (Inc. 4 Pole Cont)


Control Panel Installation & Maintenance

1PH Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

3PH Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

Modular Multi-Voltage/Range/Function Timers

AC Electric Motors

Compact Soft Start Units

Contact Block - CCMMS2.5

Fan Shaker Timer Type FS

Modular AC Contactors

Manual Overloads CR09-32

Manual Overloads CR40-80

Timer & Thermistor unit Manual (highlighted)

YD Star Delta Timers (highlighted)

Mechanical Extension Timers

S10 & Smooth Brake Manual

DOL Reversing Starter - 3DR1-S Connection Diagram

DOL Reversing Starter - 3DR1-2 Connection Diagram

SpinGard Information Sheet

Process Defender Instruction Manual

Process Defender Product Manual

Emotron Shaft Power Monitors Manual

Emotron M20 Shaft Power Monitor Data Sheet

Rego1 Pump Control Panel Data Sheet

Thermistor & Timer Spec Sheets: TH015/TH16/TI177/TI178/TI179