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From Components to Standard Starters to Complete BMS Control Panel Solutions

Crompton Controls diverse offering gives you direct access and greater choice from a single source, your one shop stop! Our well known brand, trusted reputation and central UK base provides all you need to find a solution for your electrical application from component parts to market leading standard starters and fully customised motor or building management control panels.


Crompton Controls Professional Sales, Production & Support Team assures excellent service whether you are looking for technical guidance, product selection or bespoke built solutions. We Design, Manufacture, Distribute and Support with a professional yet personal touch and a core value to be as easy to deal with as possible so that you can trust us to look after your business with minimum fuss.

Our Core Values




Trusted Reputation

Crompton Controls is recognised throughout the industry for quality, customer service and expertise in the control of electric motors, building management system panels and related electrical and electronic equipment. We are a secure, profitable, debt free organisation that continues to expand and develop whilst offering exceptional value for money.

Stimulating Teamwork

Our working environment ensures the people within our organisation have energy, support each other, work as a team, are well trained, motivated and valued, enabling quality contributions at all levels. Working for and dealing with Crompton Controls is both rewarding and enjoyable.

Diverse Yet Uncomplicated

We offer a whole lot of variety to provide greater choice from a single source but aim to keep it simple and be easy to work with providing solutions from component parts to basic boxed equipment and fully customised complete control panels.




Great Staff Culture

The Culture of our Business is something that we all do naturally, every day without even having to think about it. It is something that we all believe in and it defines the atmosphere in which we work along with the beliefs and values that we hold to make our business successful and our jobs rewarding and enjoyable.

Professional Yet Personal

We’re customer focused and the customer comes first. All who encounter the business are treated with the utmost respect and any dealings are handled in a professional yet personal manner to give the best possible customer experience, service & support.

Forward-Thinking Vision

We are renowned for successfully developing our product portfolio and for maximising niche market opportunities through our speed of reaction to market needs and the ability to form close business partnerships.

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