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BLOG - Crompton Series 2000 Standard Starters?


JULY 2021

brook crompton series 2000 starter

Still looking for CROMPTON Series 2000 Starters?

We’ve made standard starters since well into the last century with only a handful of product design and name changes along the way so you can be sure we will have a modern-day replacement if one of our older products is finally wearing out and ready for renewal.


For the last decade or so we have manufactured our Series 3000 standard starters fitted complete with the CC Range of contactor & overload components. Prior to that it was the Series 2000 standard starter range fitted with the HR Range of contactor and overload components that was a flagship for around 25 years and became one of the most well-known products of its type on the market.


There are still many out there badged as either Brook Crompton or Crompton Controls Series 2000 that can be directly replaced by the latest Crompton Controls Series 3000 equivalents. All we need is just a little info from the silver rating plate on the left-hand side of the enclosure base to quickly cross reference the old to the new and a replacement can be supplied in no time at all.

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