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BLOG - WALLBOX Joins Forces With Crompton


MAY 2021

crompton controls wallbox ev chargers

The smart way to charge your EV

With the right home charging solution, your electric vehicle is always ready to go. Charging your EV at home is convenient and cost-effective. You simply ease your car into your parking place and plug it into your charger. Forget about looking for a public charger or planning for additional stops. Just head home, plug in, and wake up tomorrow to a full battery.

What’s more, you choose when to charge. This allows you to benefit from your utility provider’s lowest energy rates from the comfort of your home.

Charging your EV at home will change your energy consumption pattern, and that must be considered when choosing the best charger. The safest option is to adopt a smart charger, which enables the exchange of data between your car, the grid, and the charger. This gives you control over its performance, your total energy consumption, and, ultimately, the most efficient usage.   Brochures below:

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