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APR 2022

crompton controls MD

After five successful years as Managing Director Dean Sweeney has decided to step down from the big seat into a support role for the business and Dave Chappell (left) picks up the gauntlet as the new MD of Crompton Controls. Dean continues as a board member and will provide valuable experience and resource to Dave and the team.


Dave will lead the company forward after the brilliant work he has done over many years and in particular during his time as Sales Director where great improvements have been made in all areas.


Crompton Controls is privileged to have two great people striving every day to improve the business and we say a big well done to Dean for all his efforts, success and support and at the same time we wish Dave every success in making the MDs position his own and taking the company to yet further heights.


Congratulations Dave :)

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Dave Chappell

Managing Director

BLOG - We would like to announce a change at the top in Crompton Controls