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BLOG - Since we joined forces with WALLBOX for EV Charging


Feb 2022


Since we joined forces with WALLBOX in May 2021 we've been busy not only promoting and selling electric vehicle charging units from our well stocked stores but also delivering our full site survey and install service in partnership with E2M Ltd, providing the complete solution for customers' home and work EV charging needs. Above you can see a selected number of those installs.

We are pleased with and proud of our partnerships and the role we are fulfilling in the EV Charging revolution and we thank our customers for their trust and loyalty in choosing Crompton Controls.

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As we continue offering great EV produducts and packages it's definately worth mentioning that the UK Governments OZEV Grant Sheme for claiming up to £350 towards charge point installation for the home actually comes to an end on the 31st of March 2022 and we want our customers to benefit from this while it's still available. More info here: EV Homecharge Sheme >>

For more information on our WALLBOX offering click on the brochures below:

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